Worlds Collide: Shooting on the Move

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Nov 8, 2017 1:16:13 PM

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Worlds Collide has returned once again—did you miss the Robs? This series hones in on worthwhile shooting information that you can practice in your everyday (or competition life), courtesy of Rob Pincus (Personal Defense Network®) and Rob Leatham (Team Springfield™).

In this episode, Rob Leatham and Rob Pincus discuss the fundamentals of shooting on the move.

Shooting and moving

Shooting on the move has benefits in the world of competition. While shooting on the move may not help your accuracy, it can increase your efficiency in running a course of fire. Rather than engaging one target and then moving to a target further away, you can start traveling the distance while engaging that target. It's all about getting one second further down the line, because the timer keeps ticking away.

The trick to shooting on the move?

  • Good grip and gun positioning in your stance
  • Awareness of when the gun is pointed at the target
  • Keeping the upper body stable / level
  • Good fundamental marksmanship skills

You're essentially doing the same things you would do while staying put and shooting.

From a tactical standpoint, unless you are actually running and making way to a safer place or increasing distance dramatically, shooting on the move won't make you safer. 

Moving fast or violently dramatically increases the difficulty of hitting your target. For the competition shooter wanting to save precious seconds, shooting while moving allows you to cheat the clock. You move slower but get through the course of fire more quickly than you might have if just moving to a position and then engaging the targets.

In a home-defense scenario, you might choose to draw on the move, plant your feet and then shoot. In this case, you're primarily moving to gain better positioning, whereas in competition the goal is to save time.

In the end, shooting on the move in competition or defense scenarios are similar mechanically—the differences arise in the motivations and circumstances behind each situation.

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