Worlds Collide: Real-World Target Deviation

Posted by Team Springfield

Jul 5, 2016 11:12:38 AM


Your grade school teachers always taught you to sit still and every example of Perfect Sight Picture sure looks static... but, all that goes out the window when it comes to real-world skill-building on your go-to pistol. 

Shooting static targets in your defensive training is a range reality, but can create the illusion that it would be better if you could hold your gun perfectly still all the time... It's not.

Welcome to "Worlds Collide," bringing together the perspectives of two of the shooting world's top minds, Rob Pincus (Personal Defense Network®) and Rob Leatham (Team Springfield™).

Introducing Real-World Deviation

Trying to keep your gun perfectly still during typical precision drills on the range is one thing, but without getting comfortable with the high likelihood of motion during a defensive event, you might be missing a key element of your shooting regimen. That's where the dynamic deviation control drill comes in. 

After all, a strong shooter can shoot at static targets all day and get tightly grouped shots in a given spot using target shooting techniques such as staging the trigger and controlling their breathing... but, a high level defensive shooter needs to become comfortable with a floating sight picture throughout a smooth trigger press.

To Get Comfortable with the idea that everything doesn't need to be perfect, try the following:

  1. Stand in front of the target.
  2. Focus on any hit inside the target being good.
  3. Move the gun in a regular pattern, like a figure eight
  4. Break the trigger anytime - just don't stop the movement
  5. REMEMBER: This is just a drill to teach a concept, not a recommended technique!

Why build reliance on holding the gun perfectly still when it's impossible? Keep the gun in your line of sight with focus on the target, or the front sight for more precision, and you'll be able to do what you need to with a consistent smooth trigger pull.

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