A Woman’s Guide to Home Defense Firearm Accessories

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Dec 5, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Choosing the right firearm for you depends on what you need out of the firearm. The best hunting firearm is very different from the best concealed carry firearm. When your need is home defense, choosing a firearm is only half the challenge. Your firearm must perform its function properly, defending you, your family and your home from danger. The key to home defense with a firearm is learning how to use it and purchasing the right accessories to complement it.

11 Things To Consider When Buying a Firearm

Choosing the Firearm

When you pick a home defense firearm, the first thing you should focus on is comfort. Are you comfortable holding the handgun and does it feel right? If it doesn’t, be sure to look around until you discover a firearm solution that fits your style.

After deciding to protect your home with a firearm, you will have many options to choose from. Some handguns pack a bigger punch but also tend to have stronger recoil. If your main concern is protecting from home invasion, remember that a smaller or less powerful caliber, may stop the fight, a larger more powerful round is always more likely to. But it has to be fired accurately enough and be controllable by the user.” You want to choose a firearm that fits in your hand comfortably and one that doesn’t have too much recoil for you to control. Try holding a few different firearms to see what you prefer. After you choose one, practice with it on a shooting range to develop your skill and to become used to firing that particular handgun.


Certain accessories can enhance your aim, accuracy and confidence if faced with the need to defend your home and family. The most pressing concern is a safe place to store the firearm, away from untrained family members and potential invaders. There are many options on the market for safely storing your new home defense firearm, including combination safes, key lock safes, and concealable lockboxes.

A helpful accessory is a laser sight that can be added to many firearms to aid you in the alignment of a firearm, or “aiming.” Because some break-ins occur at night when visibility is limited, a laser sight is a valuable tool to have. Available in different colors, laser sights can be adjusted, are typically waterproof, and are visible for more than a hundred yards in low light. Aiming a firearm correctly in a tense situation could be difficult. Particularly in the dark, a laser can help you with accuracy and in less-than-ideal circumstances. It is important to remember that in some areas lasers sights are illegal, so be sure to check your local laws.

Although nearly every handgun comes factory equipped with some type of sights to aid in aiming, many companies offer specialty sights that help you do this better and faster for a specific type of shooting. The sights you might want for a defensive handgun are in many ways different than those for a precision target pistol. Manufacturers pride themselves in producing fine products out of the box, but in many instances they can be improved upon. Again, the local firearm retailer will undoubtedly become a source of helpful information. As with all firearm accessories, it’s important to become comfortable using them by practicing regularly at the range and with a professional trainer.


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