What You Need to Know about Custom Firearms

Posted by Team Springfield

Dec 10, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Custom firearms can be a divisive issue among firearm enthusiasts. There are people on both sides of the issue. Some prefer to go with standard models in every situation, while others believe customizing can improve accuracy and comfort.

Why Customize?

Firearm owners choose to customize handguns for many reasons, from increasing accuracy to enhancing comfort. When reviewing customization options, the following stand out as the most popular among firearm owners:

  • Improved trigger. Some firearm owners find that improving the trigger pull improves their ability to accurately and quickly engage targets during practice.
  • Laser guides. For some, laser guides provide enhanced accuracy during target practice and may be helpful for beginners.
  • Sights. Adding custom sights to a firearm helps the user quickly sight on and engage targets. If allowed, sights can be particularly helpful when participating in competitive shooting sports.

Accurizing and custom tuning can enhance not only a firearms innate accuracy, but also your ability to shoot it. The available changes go from mild to wild, including full house competition jobs to subtle reworks that offer lots of bang for the buck. 

Why Not Customize?

Most people own firearms for defensive purposes. They have little cause to use their firearm on a regular basis, other than training. Therefore, reliable performance in a variety of situations is the biggest priority for many defensive firearm owners. Firearm manufacturers design handguns to be reliable, comfortable, and durable in many conditions. Custom modifications may alter a firearm’s ability to perform as originally intended.

Customizing a firearm to your liking doesn’t mean you’ll never need to train with it. Ongoing firearm training and practice is highly encouraged, whether or not your firearm is customized. Don’t base your decision to customize on the myth that you won’t need to practice as much.

Common Customizations

Some customizations are purely aesthetic. Many firearms owners customize the color of their firearm with different coatings. A customized coating can also make an old firearm look brand new. These custom color jobs mean an owner can have any color or combination of colors he or she wants. Remember to make a safe choice if you choose to change the color of your firearm. A custom color job that makes your firearm look like a toy can be dangerous.

A firearm can be customized for a more comfortable holster fit as well. Some owners customize the trigger guard for their particular holster. Trigger weight can also be adjusted to your ideal pressure desired. Grip adjustments are some of the most common and functional customizations. Your grip can be changed to better fit in your hand and be less likely to slip out.

Customizing your firearm may not be for you if you're a beginner. However, once you learn a little more about firearms, customizations can help your performance. Practical and aesthetic customization options are virtually endless, giving firearm enthusiasts multiple selections to explore.

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