5 Ways to Accessorize and Customize Your Tactical Rifle

Posted by Team Springfield

Dec 3, 2014 9:00:00 AM

When it comes to your tactical rifle, make sure you’re taking advantage of all its capabilities. A tactical rifle fresh out of the box isn't reaching its full potential. Instead of relying on the factory components, have you ever considered accessorizing it? Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to customize your tactical rifle to make it the envy of your friends. 

  1. Bipods. A tactical rifle isn't an easy firearm to operate. It requires extensive training and experience to properly use. There are some accessories to expedite this process, leading to better accuracy more quickly. One of these is a bipod. Bipods enhance both accuracy and safety when firing a tactical rifle. Bipods reduce kickback, which is very helpful for a tactical rifle. They come in fixed position, as well as with swivel capabilities.
  2. Grips. Your tactical rifle should be comfortable to hold. The factory grips most tactical rifles come with tend to be sharp and bulky, not ideal for your focus, aim, or accuracy. What's more, people who use their tactical rifles often can develop hand and wrist trouble from using a bad grip. A custom grip is a great solution. You will notice improved accuracy over time with a customized tactical rifle grip.
  3. Suppressors. The sound and recoil of a tactical rifle can be extreme. Even with high quality noise-canceling headphones, the shot from a tactical rifle can be unpleasant and even hazardous to your hearing. Suppressors are excellent accessories that cut down on the noise from a shot. They also reduce recoil, making your tactical rifle safer. Aim and accuracy remain excellent with suppressors. Suppressors are illegal in some areas so be sure to check your local laws.
  4. Slings. Tactical rifles are heavy. Having a reliable method of carrying them to distribute their weight properly makes practicing much easier, and saves your back from strain. A good sling comes with a shoulder pad and adjustable capabilities, so you can change the length. This allows you to carry the tactical rifle loosely or tightly against your body. Slings are typically highly affordable.
  5. Backup sights. In this day and age, most shooters outfit their rifle with an optical sight of some type. A very popular and possibly useful accessory to that aiming system is a backup sight. In case the primary aiming device becomes inoperable, you will then be able to maintain use of the rifle with backup sights. Unlike the movies, you’re not going to be able to hit things if you don’t accurately aim at them, so having a backup to the optics is a smart move.
    Tactical rifles have endless options for customization. Explore to find out how you can expand your tactical rifle's capabilities. The best ideas are sometimes the ones that haven’t been thought of yet.

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