The SAINT Edge - Ready For Anything & Everything

Posted by Ivan Gelo

Nov 15, 2017 8:00:50 PM


Are you ready? The latest Springfield Armory® innovation is here ... and it's an all-new, competition-ready, LE-ready, hunting-ready SAINT - The SAINT Edge 5.56.

Drumroll, please... 


First, let's talk about how it feels in the hand - which is perfect.

The SAINT Edge combines a lightweight, profiled Melonite barrel to a forged upper receiver and custom billet lower receiver. The additional milling to the lower saves precious ounces with additional character lines - but the upgrades don't stop there. You also get an enhanced Melonite bolt carrier group built to be tough on wear and easy on the eyes - with machine work and premium 9310 steel construction.

This AR continues to grace its foundation with Bravo Company furniture and is augmented with a newly-designed fore end. The unique Springfield Armory® proprietary handguard is angled and contoured for a custom, streamlined look. It's equally functional and fashionable.


Being a south paw, I was impressed by two custom additions: an ambidextrous selector or safety and a perfectly sized, extended charging handle.

In all of my AR-15 rifles, I've installed the extended charging handle as an upgrade. In racking the bolt carrier group, I use an overhand “knife-edge” method. Without any extension of the charging handle, this technique proves to be much more difficult and easy to miss. All shooters benefit with this relatively simple upgrade.

Additionally, over the last decade there has been accelerated training instruction in the use of bilateral (ambidextrous) shooting with the AR system of weapons. An ambidextrous selector switch means extra safety when transitioning to shooting off of the shoulder for both righties and lefites.


In all my years with AR training, competition, instruction and carry, I have always preferred a lightweight, fast-moving system - which is not always been achievable with many issued-carry long guns. The SAINT Edge is as light as any AR system I have ever used. With the benefits of a lighter rifle, most AR shooters have to contend with increased recoil as the trade off. The Edge uses the benefits of an H buffer and a proprietary, Springfield-designed muzzle break to be one of the flattest-shooting .223 systems I have fired to date - especially considering its lean physique.


I cut my teeth on improved mil-spec type triggers; either by slight polishing of contact points or - as with the SAINT™- polishing AND a nickel boron finish to the trigger. I've been very happy with the trigger systems on the original SAINT and free-float handguard SAINT™ rifles I already own. So, in all honesty I was not prepared for the lighter and cleaner break of the new EDGE trigger system.

The trigger is excellent, and I don't use that adjective often. It's a single-stage, match-grade trigger with a short reset. This Springfield long gun is ready to run and run fast. It’s a perfect addition as your next two- or three-gun rifle system.

With Christmas around the corner, I hope my kids and soon-to-be son-in-law, pay particular attention to this article and take note ... Dad needs a new AR, and the SAINT Edge is it.

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Springfield Armory® recommends you seek qualified and competent training from a certified instructor prior to handling any firearm and be sure to read your owner’s manual.  These articles are considered to be suggestions and not recommendations from Springfield Armory®.

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