Scout Squad vs Standard: Picking the Right M1A

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May 8, 2018 3:00:00 PM


If you’re a fan of rifles then certainly you’ve heard of the M1A™. The original military version, the M14 is a descendent of the infamous M1 Garand and predecessor to the M16. Whether you’re looking for a model close to the original design or something with a modern twist, the Springfield Armory® M1A™ family has a rifle for you. Two viable options are the Standard M1A™ and the M1A™ Scout Squad™.

Here's what you need to know in order to make the right decision.

Standard M1A™

The M1A™ is best known as the civilian model of the M14 rifle that served as the U.S. military’s standard issue rifle throughout the 1960s. While its military role has been downsized over the decades, it still holds a prominent place with many civilian enthusiasts.

The Standard M1A is a master of distance and the 7.62x51 chambering and long barrel will also provide plenty of velocity and precision. If you’re a long range shooter you will be well served by an M1A™.

7.62x51MM (.308WIN)
44.33” Long
22” Barrel
9.3 Lbs

Furniture Options:
Highlander Camo
Flat Dark Earth
Black Composite

M1A™ Scout Squad™

Sometimes you need something a little different. That’s why the M1A™ Scout Squad™ exists. It’s still all M1A™ at its core, but shorter and lighter. Instead of a 22-inch barrel, the Scout Squad™ is shortened to 18 inches. It's a good feel and fit and offers a nice balance of length to power ratio.

The shorter length of the Scout Squad™ also makes it suitable for smaller vehicles or carrying through brush or tight spaces. So whether you’re looking for a more compact rifle on a hunting trip or just need a maneuverable scout rifle for the ranch, the Scout Squad™ can be a powerful and reliable companion.

7.62x51MM (.308WIN)
40.33”  Long
18” Barrel
8.8 Lbs (polymer)
9.3 Lbs (wood)

Furniture Options:
Flat Dark Earth

Regardless of which M1A™ you pick, once you’ve spent some time bonding at the range, you should check out the annual Civilian Marksmanship Program M1A match held at Camp Perry. The match has a long history with the NRA (and now the CMP) and is a must-attend tradition for thousands of M1A™ fans. Take a look into the history of the match right here.

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