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Jan 31, 2018 8:29:23 AM


Pocket pistols aren't for everyone. While the small size makes it great for concealing, it can often detract from the pistol's overall shootability. However, the Springfield Armory® 911 .380 was designed to remove compromise from the equation. It's small enough to fit in a pocket holster and incredibly light, but it fills the hand well, especially with the extension magazine.

But that's not all that makes this pocket pistol stand out. Here's everything else you need to know about the 911.

It's Ergonomically Awesome

Many pocket pistols are difficult to grip and handle, which can mean a less-than-fun trip to the range - which can lead to less practice time with the gun - which can lead to (you guessed it) not really using the gun. Not so with the 911! It's ergonomically designed with Octo-Grip texturing on the mainspring housing and front strap. Plus Hogue® thin-line G10 grips and an extension magazine for a firm, comfortable grip. 

It's Designed for Shootability

Your concealed carry pistol should be reliable AND accurate, otherwise why own it? The 911 keeps you on target for shootability with top-quality features from end to end - including a black nitrided, stainless-steel barrel for top-notch accuracy and barrel longevity. Day or night, the Pro-Glo™ tritium front sight and white-outlined rear sight give you a clear and immediate sight picture. And the full-length guide rod and flat-wire recoil spring make controlling the gun a breeze. 

It's Slim, Light and Carry-able  

A carry pistol doesn't do you any good if you don't actually carry it. The 911 tips the scales at a featherweight 12.6 oz. For perspective, an iPhone 7 Plus (without a case) weighs around 6.7 oz. Worried about bulk? The 911 is as slim and short as can be with a length of 5.5" and 3.9" height. 

It Gets the Job Done

Are you a small-gun skeptic? You're not alone. The .380 ACP gets knocked for not out-performing the 9MM and demanding a higher price per round. However, ballistics tests show surprisingly high penetration performance for certain varieties. Want proof? Check out this video:  

Ready to Respond

Whether you've been carrying a pistol for years or are just getting into the concealed carry arena, the 911 is ready to respond. If you're looking for a formidable, convenient everyday carry option for personal protection - look no further. Be prepared with your own 911. 

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