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Mar 18, 2015 7:00:00 AM

When you take one of the longest serving military rifles in U.S. history, develop a semi-automatic civilian legal version and mount it in a modern, state of the art precision stock, what do you get?

The Springfield Armory® M1A PAS of course!

Brief history of the M1A™

In the early 1960’s, the United States military developed a new rifle based on improvements to the venerable M1 Garand design. They wanted it to be, among other things, lighter and have a detachable box magazine yet retain the fantastic long range power and accuracy of the Garand and its .30 caliber round.  That project became the M14 rifle.

In the 1970’s that military select-fire design was modified to semi-auto only and thus was born the Springfield Armory® M1A™.

Today, that same basic M1A™ model is still running strong.  A classic, like the famous 1911 pistol, the M1A™ has been updated to take advantage of superior manufacturing capabilities and continuous development to improve performance.

That original M14 design was not created with the mounting of an optical sight as a priority. However, anyone wishing to take advantage of the excellent accuracy capabilities of the base platform is going to have to consider that option.

Enter the M1A™ Precision Adjustable Stock (PAS)


The PAS stock is easily adjustable allowing me to custom fit my face comfortably and consistently align my eye with the optical sight.  You can move it to work for any height of mount and ring combination you choose.  The length of pull allows me to precisely position my eye the correct distance from the ocular lens of the scope.

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By the way, those adjustments are done without tools and are easily repeatable. Like clicking the iron sights on my M1A™ rifle. Easy, without tools, click adjustable, repeatable and precise.

And you know what else?

The cheekpiece when lowered still allows the use of the standard iron sights. So if you wanted to use those for any reason, just click the stock down and you're all set.


The rifle was sent to me wearing an optional Springfield Armory® 4th generation steel mount and a midrange magnification rifle scope. All I added was an old Harris bipod on a picatinny rail adaptor and grabbed some Federal 168 grain match ammo.

Next, I hit the range with the reliable, easy to operate self-loading rifle chambering a powerful round capable of engaging targets at long distances. Watch the video!

Without making adjustments other than clicking up the cheekpiece on the stock, I hit consecutively, without a miss, E-type silhouette targets at 100, 200, 300 and then 500 meters. Not even a click on the scope! That's pretty good shooting for a pistol guy and I have to tell you it was pretty easy. The first 4 rounds fired that day are those shown in the beginning of the video. Someone ahead of me had done good work mounting the scope.

Take a note here as well, the scope mount held at zero even after damage from shipping. Good job 4th GEN mount…

Let me tell you more about my experience that day.

The wind was moving around on the range but I still hit nearly every shot I fired.  Even when the camera was not rolling, I was shooting. Why not, someone else was paying for the ammo!

You also didn’t get to see in the video of the ensuing free for all. Many others on the range that day took turns shooting targets at different distances and routinely nailing them. Some of them waaaay past the 500 meter mark… Many on their first shots! They’d just lay down behind it, click the stock around to where they liked it and let it rip!

So as much as I’d like to take pride and say it was my skill that had me hitting everything, it’s really the rifle.

Word to the wise, be careful when you go to the range and let everyone shoot your M1A™ PAS rifle.  You may run out of that ammo sooner than expected.

That’s a testament to how much fun it is to shoot. 

So, what makes the M1A™ PAS so awesome? It’s not any one thing per se, it's the whole package. The trigger pull being solid and predictable. The innate accuracy of the loaded package enhancements including the medium weight match grade barrel. The scope mounted solidly. 

All that comes into play, but the magic, what pulls it all together is the stock.

These are just some of the ways the stock makes things more comfortable behind the scope: 
  • The grip angle is perfect for shooting off the bench or prone.
  • The shape of the bottom rear of the stock permits the shooter to comfortably elevate the rear of the rifle to get proper target alignment and support.
  • The accessory rail on the forend permits easy and adjustable mounting of a bipod.
These are elements that every experienced rifle shooter wants, but once required, expensive custom stocks or modifications.

Not anymore!

If I was looking for a fun and comfortable to shoot, reliable, accurate, powerful semi-auto rifle with a proven pedigree in both competition and real world action, the M1A™ is the top choice. If you want to mount a scope on that M1A™, then the PAS is the rifle for you.

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