NRA Offers Programs Designed For Women

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Aug 14, 2014 9:00:00 AM

The NRA, thanks to proud, responsible female handgun owners around the country, is leading a revolution in favor of women. In an effort to empower women to embrace responsible handgun ownership, the NRA has launched multiple programs designed just for them. There are a number of misconceptions about female handgun owners, such as women don’t have the same shooting capabilities as men or they only shoot for self-defense. The NRA knows this simply isn’t true. Read on to learn more about the features and benefits of the NRA’s programs designed specifically for women. 

Women on Target

Women on Target is a program that offers opportunities for women to learn about firearms as well as to develop their skills. With the program’s Instructional Shooting Clinics, women new to the world of firearms can learn how to handle them safely as well as how to shoot. The courses are also designed to help women gain confidence in their shooting skills, with the ultimate goal of creating enthusiasm around a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

The NRA’s firearms for women program starts by simply allowing women to become acquainted with a new handgun, teaching handgun safety rules such as treating all firearms as if they are loaded and always knowing your target, as well as what’s beyond it.

In many states, if a handgun owner chooses to pursue a Concealed Carry permit, he or she is required to complete a course that covers basic handling as well as the state laws governing carrying a firearm. Concealed carry for women is much the same. Women on Target covers the basics and then some, providing ample opportunity for women to learn firearm safety as well as how to shoot quickly and accurately.

Women’s Wilderness Escape

Women’s Wilderness Escape provides adult women with a weeklong outdoor getaway at the NRA Whittington Center in New Mexico. Participants can enjoy numerous hunting and outdoor shooting activities. The program doesn’t require women to have any previous experience and even provides all relevant firearms and ammunition. Attendees can also enjoy activities like archery or participate in a mock bow and arrow hunt.

Many Women’s Wilderness Escape participants also enjoy activities like survival training and game calling, all of which are taught by skilled firearms instructors and outdoor specialists, along with the above-mentioned firearms for women courses.

Women’s National Postal Matches

Finally, Women’s National Postal Matches are national firearms competitions where women can participate in pistol, rifle and shotgun matches. Postal matches are enjoyable for many women who want to participate in a national competition but only at an informal level. To participate, women can shoot the NRA’s designated course of fire at their home range and mail in their scores (which is where the name “postal” originates). 

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