Handgun Care Tips for First Time Handgun Owners

Posted by Team Springfield

Jul 31, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Cleaning and caring for your new handgun is the best way to ensure you receive the most from your investment. For those new to handgun ownership, the cleaning process can seem confusing and unnecessary. On the contrary, proper care and cleaning of handguns is the best way to extend the life of your handgun while ensuring its safe operation. Always refer to the firearm's safety manual included with your firearm for the proper steps in disassembling and cleaning your specific handgun.To care for your investment safely and effectively, consider the following tips. 


Manufacturer’s Cleaning Recommendations

Not all handguns are created equal. With many makes, models, and manufacturers available, handguns may have different configurations and cleaning recommendations. Ideally, you should research the recommended care and maintenance for each firearm you’re considering. When comparing firearms, note recommended products and tools designed for use with each.


Handgun Safety Rules

There are universal handgun safety rules that apply in any situation where handling a handgun is required. When disassembling, cleaning and reassembling handguns, alwaysadhere to the following rules:

  •       Approach and handle every firearm as if it is loaded, whether you have reason to believe otherwise or not.
  •       While handling a firearm, keep it pointed in a safe direction at all times. 
  •       Your finger should remain parallel to the muzzle and away from the trigger.
  •       During the cleaning process, be aware of your surroundings and where your firearm is pointed.

A handgun should be completely unloaded before beginning the cleaning process. Regardless of experience level, care and maintenance of handguns should begin immediately and continue on a regular basis to ensure understanding.


Preparing the Work Area

Cleaning handguns is not something that should be done in just any space. Before getting started, prepare a work area specifically for cleaning your handgun. In addition to ample ventilation to disperse fumes, cover your work area to capture spillage and protect surfaces. Keep ammunition separate from your designated work area, as it is not necessary for cleaning.


Field Stripping and Cleaning

Handgun owners rarely need to completely disassemble a firearm, particularly when conducting regular cleanings. In this situation, field stripping a handgun is quicker, easier and less likely to result in damage, while allowing for a thorough cleaning of the interior. Following your firearm manufacturer’s recommendations, clean the frame, barrel, and ancillary components before adding lubricant.


The Value of Handgun Care

When all is said and done, regular care and cleaning of your handgun will result in a long life and optimal functioning. An important aspect of handgun ownership, regular care of handguns ensures your safety when handling and discharging a firearm. 

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Springfield Armory® recommends you seek qualified and competent training from a certified instructor prior to handling any firearm and be sure to read your owner’s manual.  These articles are considered to be suggestions and not recommendations from Springfield Armory®.