Four Compelling Reasons to Own a Handgun

Posted by Team Springfield

Jul 29, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Handgun ownership is a multi-faceted issue with many pros and cons. People who choose to own a handgun report feeling a heightened sense of security and believe they are better able to protect themselves from violence. Many handgun advocates say a concealed carry handgun can mean the difference between life and death. But that’s just one reason handgun ownership is on the rise. Here are some compelling reasons to consider when deciding whether owning handguns is right for you:

Home Protection

In a recent survey, almost half of the handgun owners nationwide say protection is the number one reason they own handguns. While bad things can still happen to people who choose to arm themselves, people with firearms report feeling more in control when confronted with an intruder or an attacker.

When seconds count and law enforcement is minutes away, having a handgun at the ready can mean the difference between life and death. Some people who choose to own handguns say they are confident that simply having a firearm is an effective way to frighten off someone who is attempting to harm them or break into their homes. Having protection 24/7 makes many homeowners feel more secure and better able to keep their families safe.


Shooting competitions are becoming more popular, and the National Rifle Association, among other organizations, sponsors a number of programs for youth and adults to help them hone their skills. Many local shooting clubs hold competitions that inspire sportsmanship and pride; some competitions require the use of rifles, while others require handguns. Successful target shooters can move on to state and national contests as well. Shooting is also a popular Olympic sport, one in which the United States has earned more gold medals than any other country participating.


Just under one-third of people polled nationally report owning a firearm for use while hunting. Many of those who own firearms for hunting take advantage of hunter safety courses, which have the goal of instilling ethics and skills necessary for responsible handgun ownership.

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