Dry Fire Friday Episode 8: Drawing from Concealment

Posted by Jason Burton

Aug 5, 2016 10:10:24 AM

Here's one more thing to put on your weekend to-do list - the Dry Fire Friday drill.

Jason Burton here and I've got another drill for you concealment fans to perfect your draw stroke - so let's get started. Whether you're an IWB or appendix carry fan, the rules still apply. It's about practicing that quick fluid motion of the draw to make it a reliable and useful skill. So get your unloaded carry gun, your concealment holster, a cover garment and an empty magazine and you're ready to dry fire practice.

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Dry Fire Drill:  The Concealed Draw

Drill Focus:  Drawing from a Concealed Holster

Drill Level:  Advanced

Drill Comments: Getting used to the multi-step process when it comes to your draw stroke is key for anybody who is a responsible concealed carry fan. The more your drill it, the faster, safer and smoother your draw will be. It's about taking the following key steps:

  1. Clear the covering garment
  2. Get a firm grip, draw and rotate the gun
  3. Drive the gun forward, align the sights and fire
  4. Re-engage the safety and re-holster the gun

Check out the video above for my specific tips on how to best make this happen in the safest, most efficient way possible. Remember to always keep the muzzle from pointing at your support hand while positioning the cover garment and/or holstering the gun. And until next time, #GetClickin!

Dry-Fire Safety Rules

1. Ensure the gun is unloaded, remove the magazine, retract the slide and check that there is no round in the chamber

2. If practicing with magazines, unload all rounds from magazines

3. Remove all ammunition/loaded magazines from the area

4. Find a safe area/direction to practice

5. Remove all distractions - phones, family members, pets, etc.

6. Double-check that the gun is unloaded any time you do have a distraction or interruption

About Dry Fire Friday

In this series, we'll explore fundamental drills, tips and ideas on how you can improve your gun-handling skills. All of the drills will be with an unloaded gun and no ammunition, which is what dry fire means, so you will never have to leave home to practice!

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