Dry Fire Friday Episode 6: Three Ready Positions

Posted by Jason Burton

Jul 22, 2016 3:03:11 PM

Welcome back - It's Dry Fire Friday.

Jason Burton is on deck in that handy video up top to offer some advice on your next go-to dry-fire drill; firing from three ready positions. Whether you're practicing for real-world scenarios in which your starting point is low ready, high ready or compressed ready, be better prepared with some dry-fire practice.

Featured Springfield Armory® Product:  LB Operator® .45ACP

Dry Fire Drill:  Three Ready Positions

Drill Focus:  Quick Target Acquisition & Trigger Press

Drill Level:  Beginner

Drill Comments: If we're thinking realistically, a shooter's ready position isn't going to be static - your position is determined by the proximity to the threat. That's why practicing various ready positions is key. Regardless of the starting position, remember to lower your muzzle enough to see the horizon in front of you, and wait for an acceptable sight picture before pressing the trigger. To reset, cock the hammer and flip the safety on.

Repeat the dry fire steps with these three ready positions - increasing your speed as you become more steady.

Check out the video above, #GetClickin and stay tuned for the next episode!

Dry-Fire Safety Rules

1. Ensure the gun is unloaded, remove the magazine, retract the slide and check that there is no round in the chamber

2. If practicing with magazines, unload all rounds from magazines

3. Remove all ammunition/loaded magazines from the area

4. Find a safe area/direction to practice

5. Remove all distractions - phones, family members, pets, etc.

6. Double-check that the gun is unloaded any time you do have a distraction or interruption

About Dry Fire Friday

In this series, we'll explore fundamental drills, tips and ideas on how you can improve your gun-handling skills. All of the drills will be with an unloaded gun and no ammunition, which is what dry fire means, so you will never have to leave home to practice!

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