A Guide to the Best Handguns for Women

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Jul 2, 2014 12:08:00 PM

Ladies, have you decided that it’s time to purchase your first firearm? Are you now wondering how to get started and what to choose? For advice on handguns for women from the professionals, read these pre-purchase tips which we hope will make your shopping easier.


You’ve probably heard the clichés, “Pink guns are made especially for women,” or “Women should always use small handguns, because they have small hands.” These two bits of advice are simply untrue. Some women might feel intimidated when shopping for handguns and simply want straightforward answers when asking which pistol is the best for them. Thanks to the experts at Springfield Armory, no-nonsense answers are finally here.

Why Bigger Might Be Better

Contrary to stereotypes about female gun owners, small handguns and low calibers aren’t always better. Handling and shooting accurately and safely can be harder when the pistol is small. However, when it comes to being easily concealed, small handguns are exceptionally versatile and fit the bill nicely. As an example, consider the XD-S in both 3.3 and 4.0 barrel lengths.


Both are very thin and light while being exceptionally easy to control. An alternative, the 4” XD® has a larger grip area, which enables it to fit a broader range of hand sizes, perform reliably, and last for years. The ideal handgun for women is not intimidating; it is easy to control, and comfortable to grip. Safety features are also important. All of our XD, XD(M), and XD-S lines have both a grip safety and trigger safety that need to be depressed at the same time for the handgun to fire.

Best Guns for Women

With an almost universal fit, the grip of a 3.8” compact XD(M)® is ideal for women, because it packs power, usability, and reliability into one affordable bundle. Appropriate for women with small hands, the XD(M) compact feels and performs like a full-size handgun. With three adjustable back straps, you can personalize the grip for whatever size feels best to you. When shopping for handguns, consider your needs now and in the future. If you need a firearm for home protection now but are considering a concealed carry permit in the future, it might be appropriate to purchase a handgun that can be used for both purposes, like the 3.8 XD(M) compact. 


Try Before You Buy

 Women need handguns that are comfortable to use, easily controllable, and suited to their individual needs. If you’re unsure which firearm to purchase, head to your local shooting range to try different models that they may have available for rent. If you are a new shooter, there’s no need to worry. Most ranges have certified range safety officers standing by to help you along the way. By practicing and using a handgun, women are better prepared to make the best firearm purchases possible. Most important is that the firearm feels best to you!

In your experience, what feature is most important to women when shopping for a firearm? Let us know in the comment section!

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