Best Concealed Carry Tips for Women

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Oct 31, 2014 9:00:00 AM

As an increasing number of women choose to carry concealed handguns, many run into the challenge of exactly how to carry it. Some women who wear dresses or typical office attire worry about wearing a bulky holster or appearing out of place. The good news is that there are options for women interested in carrying a concealed firearm. Here are a few tips: 

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Tips for Concealed Carrying

The issue for many women regarding concealed carry is in regards to fashion. Most women still want to look good, not intimidating.  With that being said, a good on-body concealment device requires appropriate size, safety, secure attachment and good cover. Consider these tips and options for concealing:


    • Purse Carry. Carrying a concealed firearm in a purse is by far the most popular option. With the handgun safely tucked away in a purse, women don’t have to touch the firearm until it’s needed. The cons are that you may not always be able to reach your purse quick enough in a self-defense situation. Additionally, it is not advised to keep a handgun in a purse unless the purse is specifically designed for concealed carry.

    • Bra Holster. For women with the correct body type, a bra holster may be useful. For this option, the handgun must be relatively small, and placement is key.

    • Shoulder Carry. For women wearing blazers and suit coats all day, a shoulder carry is an option. This provides a secure place to conceal your firearm, but may be more visible than other options.

    • Waist Band. The traditional inside-the-waist-band is always a good option. This is especially true for women wearing blouses covering the waist area. Another similar option is to wear specially designed compression short holsters. This allows women to carry concealed without the need for anything else.

    • Ankle or Thigh. For women who wear long dresses, an ankle or thigh holster may do the trick. Loose gowns and dresses will completely hide the presence of the handgun and allow for easy access.


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