6 Must-Have Handgun Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

Posted by Team Springfield

Sep 10, 2014 9:00:00 AM

When buying your first handgun, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the sheer number and types of accessories available, from holsters to cases to safety gear. At Springfield Armory®, we love to help first-time firearm buyers know exactly what accessories they need to buy before a purchase. That’s why we make it a point to mention things most first-time handgun owners don’t automatically think of when deciding what to buy. 

Some must-have accessories that could be otherwise overlooked include a safe storage area, such as a firearm safe or locking cabinet, under-cabinet handgun magnets for people who are using the handgun as protection at a retail outlet or business, cleaning materials and a light for use in self-defense situations.

Must-Have Handgun Accessories

  • Firearm Safe. While storing your firearm in a bag under your bed may provide easy access, it’s probably not the safest way to do it. A firearm safe or locking storage cabinet has a number of benefits. It keeps firearms out the hands of those who shouldn’t have access and provides protection from theft or robbery. 
  • Under-Cabinet Magnet. You may have a clever idea for a place to hide a handgun in your home or business, but it often comes down to practicality. Can you actually put a handgun there? With an under-cabinet magnet, you can easily store a handgun under a desk, table, or other sturdy surface.
  • Light or Laser. If you intend to use your firearm at night or think you could possibly end up in a self-defense situation in the dark, a light or laser is a good addition to your firearm. With training, it can improve accuracy and increase your ability to protect yourself.
  • Laser Trainer. Speaking of lasers, there are accessories known as “laser trainers” on the market. These are devices you attach to your firearm that allow you to fire dry rounds anywhere and still practice accuracy. Instead of firing actual ammunition, these devices send a laser signal to a target, letting you know how your aim is improving.
  • Handgun Tool. While a good quality firearm should last for a long time, things do happen from time to time. Carrying a versatile handgun tool with you will allow you to make adjustments and quick-fixes on the go.

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