7 Items Every Competitive Shooter Needs

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Oct 15, 2014 9:00:00 AM

While your success as a competitive shooter is directly related to your skill level and amount of preparation, you can be greatly aided or hindered by bringing along the right tools, equipment, and accessories. Sadly, it’s something that many talented shooters forget about.

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Don’t Leave These Items at Home 

When packing your bag, choose wisely and don’t make the mistake of leaving these valuable tools home:

  • Universal tool. There’s simply not enough room to carry all the tools you could possibly need, but there is a solution. Invest in a high quality, universal, all-in-one tool that acts as a set of pliers, a screwdriver, a knife and pair of tweezers simultaneously.
  • Eye protection. You only have one set of eyes and they are what allow you to aim the gun, so protect them at all costs. Never shoot without them. Shooting glasses come in many styles and lens shades and experienced shooters come prepared for all lighting conditions.        
  • Spare set of ear protection. Very few things can throw you off more than a lack of ear protection during a competition. In case your preferred pair of plugs or muffs are lost, stolen, or broken, bring along a backup set. 
  • Cleaning kit. A portable cleaning kit can come in handy when your firearm doesn’t operate the way it should. Instead of bringing your entire cleaning set from home, buy a smaller version that contains all the necessities.
  • Plenty of ammo. Running out of ammo is a common occurrence. Instead of stressing about how many rounds you have left and where you’ll get more if you run out, pack double the amount you think you might need. More than anything else, this will allow you to focus by providing you peace of mind. 
  • Note pad. Just as a good golfer takes notes on the course, an experienced shooter should take notes in the middle of a competition. Bringing along a note pad and pen will allow you to quickly write down thoughts while they are fresh on your mind. After the competition, you can refer to past notes when questions arise.
  • A good bag. When you’re carrying so many different accessories and tools, you’ll find that things can easily get lost in your bag. Instead of throwing everything into a backpack, invest in a specialized range bag with individual compartments and storage units. This will reduce your overall level of stress by making things easy to find.

At Springfield Armory®, we understand that a lot goes into a successful day of competition shooting. While it eventually comes down to your skill, determination, and preparation, we can provide the tools to help you reach your goals.

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