4 Recreational Shooting Activities You Need to Try

Posted by Team Springfield

Aug 28, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Most of the time, discussions about firearms are focused on safety, precision, laws and the ongoing debate over handgun rights. Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget there are fun reasons to own and shoot a handgun as well. Even competitive shooters might want to learn more about ways they can enjoy lighter shooting activities. There are a number of recreational shooting opportunities out there for both individuals and families.

Sporting Clays 

Sporting clays are a great way to practice shooting in the field. Participants shoot clay targets that duplicate game birds’ flight paths, including flushing, crossing and more. These events often take place across several acres, and are a great opportunity for shooters to use their best custom handguns or rifles.

Target Shooting

Bullseye Pistol is a fun shooting sport that uses handguns and requires the shooter to use only one hand. There are a number of different target shooting events to participate in, such as slow fire, timed fire and rapid fire, all designed to develop and test skill and concentration.

Bowling Pin Shooting

Another great way to get some practice in with your best custom handguns, bowling pin shooting is a fun and exciting shooting sport. In this game, participants compete against one another to knock conventional bowling pins off a table. The goal is to do so in the shortest elapsed time. Bowling pin shooting is an enjoyable activity for many recreational shooters that also allows them to improve their handgun skills and time themselves with the support of peers. Competitive shooters will often find this is a great way to enjoy a lighthearted shooting contest.


Another great game for recreational shooters of all ages is trap. In this game, shooters stand in a semicircle and fire at targets that are traveling away from them in various angles, until a total of 25 shots have been fired.

Youth Shooting Opportunities

Another consideration is youth shooting activities. There are many ways that young people and families can enjoy the activities mentioned above  that is both safe and fun. For example, 4-H Clubs offer shooting programs that work on developing young people as responsible citizens. 

The Boy Scouts of America has also been teaching young boys the safe and responsible handling, care and use of firearms in carefully managed environments. Finally, youth can also enjoy the Scholastic Clay Target Program, which provides opportunities for high schoolers and younger children and teens to enjoy shooting competitions.

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