4 Helpful Concealed Carry Tips for Women

Posted by Team Springfield

Oct 22, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Both men and women can benefit from having a conceal carry permit. However, being licensed is only valuable if you know how to properly conceal and use your firearm in a time of need.

Tips for Women

For women, effectively concealing a firearm can be particularly challenging. This has less to do with gender and more to do with the different clothing styles and choices women frequently wear. Here are a few valuable tips to consider when carrying:

  • Size is important. While the salesperson at your local store may attempt to sell you a larger size firearm, it’s not always the best. Depending on your individual needs, you can often get away with a smaller firearm without compromising on self-defense. As you may guess, the smaller the firearm, the easier it is to conceal.
  • Stick to a method. Depending on your size, body type and level of activity, you will quickly discover which concealed carry method works best. Once you find a method that you’re comfortable with, stick to it. People who frequently change methods tend to get careless.
  • Choose a holster. Determining which method to use usually depends on the type of holster you have. When shopping for a holster, ask yourself what your goal is. It will usually fall under the category of safety, ease of access, or comfort. Thankfully, there are a number of solutions for each category.
  • Consider your wardrobe. Choosing to carry a concealed firearm doesn’t come without cost. You may have to compromise some by wearing clothing with a looser fit. When shopping for clothing, keep your holster in mind as you decide what you can and cannot buy.

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Types of Holsters

Believe it or not, women have more holster options than men. There are dozens of unique styles to fit every need. The most common include belt holsters, belly holsters, ankle rigs, shoulder holsters, compression short holsters, and purse solutions.

For each type, consider the tradeoffs between comfort, safety, and ease of access. Ideally, you should go with an option that allows you to quickly access the firearm in a time of need while keeping you comfortable throughout the day.

Women who choose to carry a concealed firearm have the advantage of increased safety and peace of mind. At Springfield Armory®, we offer a number of concealed carry solutions for every taste and style.

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