4 Firearm Rules You Should Know

Posted by Team Springfield

Dec 22, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Firearm safety is the single most important aspect of ownership and operation. Whether you, your spouse, your roommate, or your friends own firearms, it’s crucial you spend time perfecting the following safety tips yourself. These four firearm rules are most important when first learning to operate a firearm.

  1. Always treat a firearm like it's loaded

    Even if you think you know a firearm is unloaded, treat it as if it is loaded. Never solely rely on the firearm's safety mechanisms when it comes to handling it. This is the first rule of firearm ownership, as it protects you and those around you from unintended harm. Always point a firearm in a safe direction, particularly when loading or unloading.

    When performing routine tasks, like cleaning or storing your firearm, it’s easier to forget where the muzzle is being aimed. Until you’ve gotten accustomed to pointing the muzzle in a safe direction, always secure your work area.  As always, it is helpful to work with a professional trainer able to provide safe firearm operation training. 
  2. Never touch the trigger until you have made the decision to fire

    When you hold a firearm, always keep your trigger finger along the frame of your firearm until you have made the decision to fire. When loading or unloading, don't touch the trigger. Avoid contact with the trigger even if the safety appears to be on—you might be mistaken. When you put your finger on the trigger, understand what it means to fire a round. This is a major component of always treating a firearm like it’s loaded.
  3. Be certain of your target and what is behind it

     It's important to know what or who is behind your target before you fire. If you are in a training situation where you think that bullets might ricochet unexpectedly, move to a more secure location. Be completely certain of your surroundings before firing.
  4. Have a storage plan 

    When your firearm isn’t being used, where will you keep it? Responsible firearm ownership requires you to have a smart storage plan. Firearms should be stored out of reach of untrained family members, out of plain sight, and ideally in a location that can be locked.

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