4 Firearm Accessories Perfect for Women

Posted by Team Springfield

Aug 4, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Though handgun ownership should be treated seriously and with respect, there is no reason to skip the accessories. Between convenient cases for concealed carry handguns, chic purses and innovative storage options, firearm accessories are available in all shapes, sizes and functions. For women, these accessories preserve privacy and safety while maintaining style. 

Concealed Carry Purses

Designed specifically for concealed carry handguns, concealed carry purses feature a special section accessible from the interior or side in which a handgun can be stored. Because concealed carry handguns can be uncomfortable for some women to wear on the body, a concealed carry purse is a good alternative. Representing popular prints, fabrics and materials, the wide variety of purses designed for women mimic current fashion trends. It’s important to note that carrying a concealed firearm in a container, as opposed to on the body, increases the possibility of theft, loss, or damage.

Easy Access Vault & Storage Racks

For home handgun storage that is easily accessible, a wall-mounted vault or storage rack saves space in a home while securing firearms. Women living alone find wall-mounted storage vaults convenient, as they can be placed in various rooms to ensure quick access in an emergency. Owners of multiple handguns may choose to install a concealed or open rack in almost any room, provided minors do not have access. 

Holsters for Women

Often the best way to carry a concealed firearm, using a holster can be comfortable for women without compromising style or function. Popular firearm accessories for women include thigh, waist and shoulder holsters. Thigh holsters are particularly comfortable and accessible when wearing skirts or dresses while holsters that wrap around the waist are designed for use under jeans or shorts.

Handgun Cases

Traditional cases for concealed carry handguns have been functional, but boring. As the number of women handgun owners rises, handgun case production has evolved to appeal to a new generation of women. Now, handgun cases are available in bright colors, designs and animal prints capable of complementing both wardrobes and interior decor. For women on-the-go, cases range from soft and flexible to hard and durable to meet any carrying need.

Choose Comfort

With the myriad of firearm accessories available, it’s tempting to choose the most stylish or visually appealing option over functionality and comfort. Though fun to shop for, firearm accessories should be purchased with the intended purpose and functionality in mind. 

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