4 Bad Habits for Firearm Beginners to Avoid

Posted by Team Springfield

Nov 19, 2014 9:00:00 AM

As a new firearm owner, it's important to learn proper use of your firearm. Learning the correct way to grip and use your firearm from the start helps you avoid developing bad habits, some of which can even be unsafe. A little education and training from the start go a long way to making a newbie into a good shot. Read on for some common firing mistakes and how to avoid them.


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  • Bad grip. One of the most common mistakes for new shooters is holding the firearm incorrectly. One common incorrect grip is the “cup and saucer” grip. This is when you  grip the gun with your strong hand and support the bottom of the firearm with your other hand - as if the firearm were a cup of tea and your bottom hand held a saucer. This grip doesn't use the strength of the support hand to control the gun. A better grip has both hands wrapped around the grip of the firearm with both thumbs touching on one side of the grip. This grip creates more contact on the gun and allows for more stability which should aid in better control of the firearm during both aiming and recoil.
  • Improper trigger finger contact. Your trigger finger should always touch the trigger in the same place, both on your finger and on the trigger. Your top finger pad, where your fingerprint is, should be the contact point on the trigger. Hooking your finger all the way through so your knuckle joint is on the trigger is incorrect. In addition, not placing enough of your finger pad on the trigger is not good, as you can't properly reach the trigger. You don't have good control of the trigger with either of these positions. Your trigger finger placement should be consistent. Practice helps.
  • Getting caught up in footwork. Your stance while shooting is important. However, there isn't a particular standard everyone must use. Your stance should give you stability, balance, and feel comfortable. Experiment to find the stance that works for you.
  • Overconfidence. Don't assume you know everything or allow your ego to take over when learning how to shoot. Join us as responsible gun owners. First and foremost, it is extremely important to understand and follow all firearm safety and range rules - always!  Next, get professional instruction. Learn proper shooting techniques before you head to the range by yourself. A firearm is a useful tool, but can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Put your ego to rest when learning firearm safety and proper techniques. Your confidence will grow as your exposure, practice and skill increases.


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