3 Compelling Reasons Why Women Own Handguns

Posted by Team Springfield

Oct 1, 2014 9:00:00 AM

An increasing number of women are choosing to become handgun owners. The number one reason women buy handguns is for protection. Typically, these women recognize the need to be prepared in the event they are the potential victim of a violent crime. Often, women who live alone or spend considerable time alone desire the protection that a firearm can offer, which is why owning a handgun and being ready to use it can make them feel more at ease. Many women simply want to protect their families from the possibility of intruders, while others are interested in becoming involved with competitive shooting.

Reasons Why Women Own Handguns

  • Defense. As mentioned, handguns are popular with women living alone. They provide practical protection in dangerous situations. While the majority of women will never have to deal with a violent intruder, there are plenty who will. Owning a handgun reduces the risk of being harmed during a break-in. The mere presence of a firearm is in many cases enough to turn a criminal away.
  • Security. Even if there is never a need to use it, handguns provide a sense of security that’s difficult to put a price tag on. Simply knowing you have protection by your side brings a sense of security.
  • Independence. While a handgun should only be purchased by those who know how to safely operate the firearm, many women enjoy owning a handgun for the simple feeling of independence it provides. It’s a statement that they can care for themselves and don’t need someone else to look out for them.

Tips for Selecting a Handgun

If you are a woman looking to purchase a handgun, it’s important to consider a number of factors before buying. Usually, you’ll have to make a choice between size and caliber. Do you want a smaller caliber which might be available in the smallest, lightest handgun possible, but is less powerful, or would you like one of the larger calibers, which may be chambered in a larger and heavier pistol but have greater power? Generally speaking, the larger the caliber, the more powerful it is. You’ll also want to focus on how easy it is to use. In a self-defense situation, a fraction of a second is a big deal. Select a firearm that allows you to react quickly. Be sure to get something you are confident with and can safely and competently control. Also, training and plenty of practice are necessities for all firearm owners.


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