3 Concealed Carry Tips for Women

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Aug 19, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Men and women have historically been very different in how they approach life and manage situations. Given this fact, it’s no surprise that concealed carry issues for women vary greatly from those experienced by men, depending upon factors like attire and body type. Read on for more information about different options for concealed carry firearms for women, including thigh holsters, concealed carry purses and more. 

Sleeveless Holster Shirts

The average practical woman may have a difficult time carrying concealed carry firearms. A sleeveless holster shirt is designed to help. These shirts distribute weight across the shoulders and conceal a sidearm beneath professional garments or dress shirts, especially in situations where carrying a holster is not appropriate or practical. These shirts should be worn under a garment that is not too tight to prevent “printing.”

Thigh, Ankle, and Hip Hugger Holsters

There are many different good handguns for women. It often depends on individual preference, as well as what might be a good fit for the carrier. Regardless of choice, however, concealed carry can present problems for women who wear dresses. One option for dress wearers is the thigh holster, which works best under long or maxi dresses but can also work for knee-length dresses. In the case of wearing slacks or looser pants, an ankle holster is also an option.

Neither of these choices works for above the knee options, which is where the hip hugger holster comes in. This type of product usually takes the form of a belt that attaches to jeans, shorts, or formal dress pants. If the belt doesn’t work for you, a belly band may be the best way to go.

Concealed Carry Purses

One more option for women is to place concealed carry firearms in a purse. This is often not a favorite mode of carrying a firearm, because if the carrier were to be robbed, her purse is often the attacker’s first target. However, there are a few ways to make great use of a purse for concealed carry. For example, by choosing a purse with multiple compartments, women can designate one section of the bag specifically for the firearm.

Purse users should also choose a handgun position that will ensure easy access as well as good placement for a quick draw scenario. Purse wearers should also consider carrying the bag on their non-dominant shoulder to allow the dominant hand quick access whenever necessary. Finally, those who choose to use a purse should always be willing to shoot through the purse if the situation calls for it.

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