XD-S® Mega Challenge

Posted by Rob Leatham

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Mar 25, 2015 4:18:17 PM


Welcome to the Springfield Armory® XD-S® Mega Challenge. This one requires all four models of the XD-S® pistol. You'll need a 3.3" and 4.0" in each of 9mm and .45 calibers, a shot timer, a bench or table and four USPSA targets. In addition, you will need 16 rounds of ammo, 8 in both 9mm and .45. Ya, I know, that's why it's called a Mega Challenge.


Course set up

The course of fire is simple. Four USPSA targets at five yards keeping one target width between them. All four XD-S® pistols loaded with four rounds each, muzzle pointed down range, laying flat on table. Remember to follow all safety rules!

Start with hands raised above shoulders, standing behind table.

On the start signal

Yell out "XD-S®" and pick up first gun and engage each target with one round. Place that empty pistol back on the table, muzzle forward and retrieve the next XD-S® pistol.

Yell out "fiber optic front sight" and engage all four targets with one more round each. Place pistol back on table, muzzle forward and retrieve next XD-S® pistol.

Yell out "accessory rail" then engage targets a third time with one round each. Place empty pistol with muzzle pointing down range back on table and retrieve last XD-S® pistol.

Yell out "interchangeable backstrap" and for a fourth and final time shoot each of the four targets with one round each. Safely bench the gun, remove all the magazines and insure all guns are safe and unloaded. 

You now have a clock time and hopefully four hits on each of the four targets.


You add a one second penalty time to the clock time for each round that misses the "A" zone on the USPSA target and five seconds for any shots that missed the target completely.

What I found is the shooting part was easy, but saying the right things at the right time was truly a challenge!!

Be safe and have fun!!




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