Team Springfield's™ Williams Sisters Become USPSA Certified Range Officers

Posted by Team Springfield

Mar 8, 2017 4:00:00 PM


The action shooting sports would not and could not exist without the countless volunteers that organize and run the matches; most importantly, the range officers. 

The United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA - created the
US National Range Officers Institute (NROI - to establish a standard for USPSA members wishing to become match officials.


"Following the goals of the Range Officer Creed, the organization ensures that Range Officers are the best trained, the best qualified, and the best prepared, to a same world-wide standard, in conjunction with IPSC/IROA officials. There exists a direct relationship between the quality of the officiating, and the quality of the competition. Officials can enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow staff, and be proud to be a part of the fraternity of officiating."


NROI was founded shortly after the Columbia Conference in 1976, where IPSC USA was officially formed. Steve Herberth was the first Director of NROI, followed by Dave Stanford, Andy Hollar, John Amidon and our current NROI Director, Troy McManus.

John Amidon was the longest-serving director, retiring in 2014 after 20 years of commitment to NROI. The evolution and improvement of USPSA's rules flourished under the direction of the NROI leaders, especially Amidon. He was one of the most hard-working individuals ever known to USPSA. More importantly, he was liked and respected by the competitors. Team Springfield™ shooters Rob and Kippi Leatham have very fond memories of John, who captained many of their USPSA World Shoot Teams with heart, pride and undying dedication. Troy McManus stepped in after John's retirement and is on a very similar path, having already earned wide respect and appreciation from his decades of commitment to the sport.


The USPSA NROI programs certify 3 levels of range officials:

  • Range Officer
  • Chief Range Officer
  • Range Master

Team SpringfieldTM shooters, Justine and Jalise Williams, recently took the first step and earned their USPSA Range Officer (RO) Certification. Springfield Armory® is very proud of their accomplishment and commitment to the officiating and volunteer-side of the sport. 

Justine & Jalise's RO CERTIFICATION report:

Range Officers are vital to the sport because they help to ensure competitors compete in a safe manner. RO duties include timing competitors, scoring targets, documenting / entering scores and checking range equipment.

To become a certified Range Officer, you must attend a class and pass a test. The course we attended was a two-day class held at Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range. On the first day we covered the USPSA rules and many ways to handle certain situations as an RO. The second day of class, we learned how to run the timer and Practiscore (the real-time match management and scoring system). We also were able to shoot and RO the other participants in the class.      

After two days of class, we were ready to take the on-line test. The test consisted of 50 very specific questions. You not only had to know the correct answer, but you had to site the USPSA rule(s) that verified your answer. It was a difficult, but thorough test - and we both scored in the 90+ percentile.

To retain our certification, we have to pass a test once a year. After our first year, we will also be eligible to take the Chief Range Officer (CRO) certification class and exam.  Being eligible to become a CRO is exciting because it is the next step to becoming even more knowledgeable and valuable to our sport.  

We want to encourage all shooters to become range officers!  It will only help your shooting game when you know all of the rules. You can also assist other competitors at the range and provide accurate information to new shooters.   

We are both extremely excited to officially be USPSA Range Officers! We look forward to  ROing, and it will also be nice to give back to all of the Range Officers and ranges that have helped us along our shooting journey.

Can't wait to "Make Ready" with our friends / fellow competitors at the range!

For more information on the USPSA Range Officer program visit their website:


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