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Worlds Collide: Return To Alignment

Posted by Rob Leatham

Aug 9, 2016 5:14:00 PM

When you're firing rounds in rapid succession, your accuracy will be dependent on how well you can return the gun to alignment. Much too often we make it about focusing on the front sight, when it really should be about getting the gun back into alignment

That's why perfecting the timing of recoil control and returning forces is critical.  

Welcome to "Worlds Collide," bringing together the perspectives of two of the shooting world's top minds, Glen Stilson (Independence Training) and Rob Leatham (Team Springfield™).

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Topics: Shooting Tips, Worlds Collide

Dry Fire Friday Episode 2: Intermediate Trigger Pull

Posted by Rob Leatham

Jun 17, 2016 2:00:00 PM

We're back for Episode 2 of our new video series, Dry Fire Friday.

Today's topic takes last week's trigger-pull exercise to the next level: can you do it in a quarter-second? 

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Topics: Dry Fire Friday, Trigger Pull

Dry Fire Friday Episode 1: Trigger Pulling 101

Posted by Rob Leatham

Jun 10, 2016 9:28:32 AM

Welcome to the first episode of our new video series, Dry Fire Friday.

In this series, we'll explore fundamental drills, tips and ideas on how you can improve your gun-handling skills. All of the drills will be with an unloaded gun and no ammunition, which is what dry fire means, so you will never have to leave home to practice!

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Topics: Dry Fire Friday, Trigger Pull

Keep Calm and Carry On: Introducing "Anatomy of the Draw"

Posted by Rob Leatham

Apr 18, 2016 1:31:30 PM

There are a variety of factors involved when choosing a firearm - use, type, size, caliber, cost - the list goes on and on. In many circumstances, you would probably find a rifle or shotgun to be the best choice. They are the most accurate, powerful and easy to use firearms. 

The Long and Short of it

However, there are a multitude of scenarios in which the long gun is simply impossible to have at the ready. Bigger, heavier and too bulky to conceal, rifles and shotguns just don't always fit.  So, when the long gun is unsuitable, the handgun becomes the obvious and best choice. Good news is modern handguns are very powerful, reliable and accurate tools.

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Topics: Concealed Carry, Personal Protection, Shooting Tips

My New Base 1911 of Choice: Springfield's Range Officer® Operator®

Posted by Rob Leatham

Mar 9, 2016 12:00:00 PM

First things first - a Springfield terminology lesson.

Springfield Range Officer® - a 1911 with a minimalist modification package offering basic features for competition.

Springfield Operator® - a firearm featuring a frame designed with integral accessory rail, allowing mounting of lights, lasers, etc.

Springfield Range Officer® Operator® - a 2016 new product and my new base 1911 gun for competition.

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Topics: 1911 Handguns

Meet Team Springfield™: Introducing Factory Shooters Jalise & Justine Williams

Posted by Rob Leatham

Mar 3, 2016 2:13:00 PM

I have proudly been a member of Springfield Armory®'s shooting team for several decades now. Over the years, I have seen many, many shooters come through our program. Some have gone on to become great champions and are still close, personal friends.

Great competitors like Brian Enos, Doug Koenig, Alan Fulford and so many others - all were at one point Team Springfield™ shooters. Sadly, Alan is gone now, but Dougie and Brian are two of the best shooters of all time and still my good buds.

But it isn't just the winning they have done that makes them special. It is something much more than that. Something called character. Character sets champions apart from winners.

And I'm happy to announce that we have a couple more "characters" joining our team.

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The Competition Angle: The XD® Mod.2™ 5"

Posted by Rob Leatham

Jan 21, 2016 5:30:00 AM

As a competition shooter, I always want to know how well a gun will function in a performance environment. Sure, self-defense and daily-carry use are also performance-intensive, but where I need most of my guns to excel is in a controlled, scored, organized, competition environment.

That’s how I measure performance.

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Topics: Polymer Handguns

The beauty of stainless: springfield's new 1911 Range Officer®

Posted by Rob Leatham

Jan 10, 2016 12:00:00 AM

If you love the look of stainless firearms and the tarnish- and rust-resistant features of stainless steel, the finish is now readily available in the Springfield Armory® 1911 Range Officer® (RO) pistol line.

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Topics: 1911 Handguns

How to Evaluate and Choose the Right Pistol

Posted by Rob Leatham

Oct 29, 2015 10:00:00 AM


If you’re a gun collector or enthusiast like I am, you know that picking the best firearm to meet your particular needs can be a difficult process to wade through.

When you pit two or more potential models against each other, what should you look for?

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Topics: Pistols & Compact Guns

Range Report - XD® Mod.2™ 4" Service Model

Posted by Rob Leatham

Sep 8, 2015 5:27:00 AM

You knew it was coming...

And here it is - the all-new XD® Mod.2™ 4” Service Model with GripZone®! Hot on the heels of the 3” Sub-Compact Mod.2™, the Service Model chambers the increasingly popular 9x19mm cartridge and utilizes the same 16-round magazine as standard XD® models.

And just like its little brother, the "New Guy" gets the new Mod.2 look and feel.

 Let's check out the slide assembly. 

  • Fiber-optic front sight - easy visibility in any ambient light condition
  • XD(M)®-style, high-visibility combat rear sight
  • Slim, narrow slide
  • Built-in, Posi-wedge cocking serrations
Loaded-chamber indicator
  • Striker-position indicator

So that's the top half of the story - what about the frame?

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Topics: Pistols & Compact Guns, Polymer Handguns, Range Report

Springfield Armory® recommends you seek qualified and competent training from a certified instructor prior to handling any firearm and be sure to read your owner’s manual.  These articles are considered to be suggestions and not recommendations from Springfield Armory®.