6 Factors to Consider for Concealed Carry Small Handguns

Posted by Team Springfield

Dec 12, 2014 9:00:00 AM

More people than ever are getting permits for concealed carry. Concealed carry firearms offer personal protection. Whether it’s for CCW purposes or simply personal preference, small handguns offer a number of unique advantages. However, be careful when shopping around. There are some things you’ll definitely want to consider before purchasing a small handgun.

 11 Things To Consider When Buying a Firearm

  1. Hand size

    Small handguns are particularly popular among women because they are usable for smaller hands. For anybody with small hands, a small handgun is a practical option offering the best reliability and usability.
  2. CCW capacity

    The smaller a handgun is, the easier it is to conceal. Small handguns can easily be concealed by clothing. They also can be carried in normal purses or briefcases, unlike other firearms requiring special accommodations for their bulk. Particularly for people looking to avoid standing out in a crowd while carrying a firearm, small handguns are an ideal choice.
  3. Reliability 

    There are many varieties of handguns. Handguns, and small handguns in particular, are known for their reliability. They are some of the simplest kinds of firearms, meaning they don't have complex parts that could malfunction. 
  4. Weight 

    Small handguns are light, making them easy to transport. People without much arm strength can easily lift and use small handguns.
  5. Accuracy 

    The accuracy required from a defensive handgun is much lower than that needed for competition shooting. The real factor here is “Can the user shoot it accurately enough under stress?” The power of the handgun isn’t important unless used properly. However, small concealable handguns are readily available in suitable calibers. The point of having the handgun for protection implies that it be able to stop an attacker before injuring you or those you are protecting. Many of the small calibers, while better than nothing are not reliable “fight stoppers.”
  6. Training is available

     Learn to properly and competently use your handgun if you are going to carry and use it. Get training from a source that is both competent and experienced. Most local firearm retailers will have instructors and courses they recommend. Being trained in your small handgun is imperative to self-defense and safe handling of the firearm. The more accessible training is, the more likely your firearm of choice will protect you when you need it to.


Springfield Armory

At Springfield Armory, we sell a number of small handguns that are ideal for CCW and self-defense. For assistance with the purchase process or for additional information and resources on CCW, contact us today.

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